Our Services


Our technology analyzes your entire inventory VIN-by-VIN allowing us to help you identify new opportunities. Our system will then help you identify and create VIN specific marketing campaigns. Putting your inventory directly in front of potential buyers based on their online activity.

Media Buying & Planning

We take the guesswork out of the media buying and planning process. Extensive research goes into every decision when putting together a comprehensive plan designed around the needs of YOUR business, not some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plan. Our buyers are market experts who sift through the data before honing in on the optimal place to reach your customers. As stewards of our clients’ important advertising dollars, we hold our vendors accountable and closely monitor every schedule to make sure you get exactly what was ordered.

Digital Services

Invest in innovation. Marketing technology is an arms race between you and your competitors. Be early to market on innovation. Avoid wasting dollars on un-tested technology. AudienceC vets and tests new solutions daily to discover your next breakthrough—way before your competitors. From search engine marketing to digital video solutions and more, we have the talent and tools to handle all your digital marketing needs.

Creative Services

Our production team boasts experienced writers and talent who specialize in making your business stand out. Unique, engaging copy and concepts are combined with the latest technology and techniques to create a TV, Cable or Radio product that cuts through the noise and captures the audience. Full Chroma Key studio, custom animation, aerial drone videography, and recognized voice talents all work together to bring your message to customers. We separate ourselves from the rest when it’s time to present your product on the air.

Direct Mail

We help our clients execute direct mail campaigns every month. Whether you’re looking for conquesting campaigns or you want to reach out to your current owner base, we can help you through the process. Our direct mail partners are the best in the business and are constantly working to create innovative mail pieces that make an impact and cut down on waste.

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